CommIT World is a company with a recognized experience in Data Governance, understood not only from a technological point of view, but as a set of practices and strategies aimed at exercising monitoring and control over processes and corporate data.

We are a qualified partner in the design of architectures aimed at the organization, government and presentation of data: only by “working” on them, today’s companies are able to acquire a real competitive advantage.

Our structure, agile and flexible, allows us to respond quickly to the needs of specific business realities to which our offer of services is addressed.

We have developed specific skills in Big Data Analytics and Business Reporting that allow us to offer our customers the best tools to facilitate effective decision-making processes.

We design analysis and control models and develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in Finance, Industry, Energy and Public Administration.

Data exploration, through visual and interactive graphic representations, offers our customers the opportunity to grasp phenomena and trends often invisible at first glance.


Our slogan is “Expand Data Knowledge“, which sums up our philosophy of supporting companies in all activities aimed at finding, processing, analyzing and managing data, a crucial element of our offer, to create useful information for business processes.

By focusing on technology, we increase our Customers’ perception of the value of data and its intrinsic potential, thanks to our ability to combine technological expertise and passion for innovation.

Our business approach is based on mutual trust with the end customer, identifying shared objectives and laying the foundations for constructive and lasting relationships.


CommIT World is member of Unione Industriali Torino and joins Polo ICT, Information Technology cluster managed by TorinoWireless.