Big Data Transformation projects aim to meet the needs expressed by Customers on the topics of data analysis, databases, platforms and visualization within Big Data.

CommIT World has a recognized and appreciated know-how in the following areas:

  • analysis of large amounts of data in different market contexts, from the Finance sector to Industry 4.0 issues;
  • management of the entire cycle of use of Big Data, from infrastructural aspects related to the design and implementation of a platform to collect and organize them efficiently, to high-level aspects aimed at using such data as a valid support for business decisions;
  • ensure an integrated approach with the information systems, both on premise and in the cloud, adopted by the end customer.

Our competence areas:

  • Big Data Analytics with particular reference to Artificial Intelligence technologies, recommendation systems, Social & Network Analysis and Sentiment Analysis;
  • Big Data Database with expertise on both traditional relational environments (SQL) and on No-SQL systems such as MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Big Data oriented languages such as SCALA;
  • Big Data Platform with technological expertise on Hadoop platforms, Apache Spark, Streaming with Apache Nifi, Data Ingestion;
  • Big Data Visualization, with application development skills in JavaScript, AngularJS, D3.js environments.