SHINE-Q is the project for the development of an innovative “machine as a service” solution for the sharing of 100% automatic inspection & sorting equipments for fasteners to all those companies that need to improve the capacity of their production departments.  

Born from the collaboration between Dimac and CommIT World, SHINE-Q is co-financed by the Piedmont Region through the announcement PASS – Programs for Access to qualified Services in support of innovation and the implementation of feasibility Studies prior to industrial research activities.

SHINE-Q – acronym of “SHaring Inspection NEtwork Quality”- fits into the logic of Industry 4.0 in a perspective of sharing-economy. With the servitization, SHINE-Q aims to transform the business model by integrating a product service system instead of purchasing new production equipment. The product service would be accessible through a cloud ICT infrastructure for the remote management of the activity, ensuring certainty and measurability with respect to control performance, reliability and cost.

SHINE-Q is the synthesis of the synergy between Dimac, a 30 years experienced reference manufacturer of 100% automatic inspection & sorting equipment for fasteners and small parts, and CommIT World, a reference technological System Integrator with a deep knowledge in Data Governance, Big Data analysis, AI and DevOps solutions for the design and implementation of innovative software technologies.

The initiative comes as the result of the cooperation between Mesap Innovation Cluster, focused on smart products and smart manufacturing, and Polo ICT, Cluster dedicated to information technology solutions, both supporting since 2009 the competitiveness of the Piedmont ecosystem through research projects and new business opportunities.